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  • Materials Handling Equipment

Materials Handling Equipment

Power & Free-conveyor

Carriers attach the goods to be conveyed on trolleys which are moved by the revolving conveying chain. The Power & Free conveyor is a double rail system, the top rail is equipped with a power chain and the lower free rail holds the trolleys. Each trolley can be provided with an electronically readable identification sign. That way, all trolleys can be located at all places.

Major characteristics of this system are high flexibility and individual conveying speed. Depending on requirements, it can be supplemented by turning or lifting and lowering stations.

Circular conveyors

The traditional overhead transport system is technically mature and offers high quality. Wherever a continuous material flow of large quantities is essential, this system is the most cost-efficient solution. It has a low self weight and operates virtually soundless. Because of its modular design, the circular conveyor can be easily extended at any time. Its main feature is a low-wear sliding profile which is hooked on to special section tubes and serves as chain guide.

The circular conveyor is versatile, easy to maintain, has a low self weight and operates almost soundless

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Range + Heine GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Str. 3
71364 Winnenden

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