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    Die R+H-Produkte von A wie Automatikspritzanlagen bis W wie Wasseraufbereitung. Innovativ, wirtschaftlich und umweltfreundlich.

Continuous flow driers for components in horizontal position

This drier is a variant of the Range+Heine circulating air drier. The nozzle drier operates with tempered circulating air and leads to very short drying times.
The circulating air driers can be supplemented by radiation units, e.g. infrared or UV.

Radiation driers

Our radiation driers operate using UV, infrared or halogen. All three kinds of radiation are suited for water-based paints.

UV-drier uvilac®

uvilac® is a dynamic crosslinking system with moving heaters, suited for UV-hardening paints. This process is mainly used for suspended parts.
Compared to conventional systems, uvilac® offers a better 3D-crosslinking and at the same time is easier on both environment and health. In addition, the system capacity can be easily and quickly adjusted.

Infrared driers

The infrared drier (IR-drier) is ideally suited for individual wooden parts. The drying is based on the difference of vapour pressure between paint film and ambient room. By means of infrared radiation, the paint film is heated from inside, the vapour pressure difference increases. This accelerates the drying process considerably.
IR-drier units can also be used in combination with circulating air driers for suspended workpieces.

Halogen driers

Halogen radiation results in force drying of the paint film on the workpiece. These systems are projected and designed in a customized way.

Condensation driers

This way of drying is suited for suspended workpieces. The dehumidification of the circulating air inside the drying room accelerates the drying of parts considerably and is easy on the paint used.
These systems are projected and designed in a customized way.

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Range + Heine GmbH


Range + Heine GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Str. 3
71364 Winnenden

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